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The AAIWG is a public body created by Executive Order of the Governor.  Under Maryland’s Open Meetings Act (Maryland Code Annotated, General Provisions Article §§ 3-101 through 3-501), the general public is entitled to attend meetings of the AAIWG.  Meetings shall be held in a location that is reasonably accessible to individuals who would like to attend and observe open sessions of the AAIWG. 

Although the AAIWG typically meets in an open session, there may be certain circumstances, as outlined in §3-305 of the General Provisions Article, where the AAIWG may move into a closed session.  In the event that a closed session is required, only the voting members of the AAIWG, counsel, and other staff as needed shall remain in the meeting.  

Members of the public may be permitted to address the AAIWG on any item on a meeting agenda.  Members of the public may not request to add items to the agenda.  Any member of the public who wants to provide testimony on any item listed on the meeting agenda must provide notice to the Co-Chairs of the AAIWG in advance of the meeting by sending an email to

An individual attending an open session may not engage in conduct that disrupts the session or interferes with the right of members of the public to participate in and observe the session. This includes but is not limited to visual demonstrations, such as displaying placards, signs, or banners, and verbal outbursts from attendees not recognized by one of the Co-Chairs to participate in the session.  The Co-Chairs may order an individual who disrupts the session to be removed from the meeting.

Individuals who would like to attend an open session and require the assistance of an interpreter must notify the AAIWG in writing or by telephone at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled meeting so that the AAIWG may determine the feasibility of providing an interpreter.

Meeting notices, agendas, and minutes will be posted and maintained on this page.



Meeting Date/Time

Agendas Meeting Minutes Meeting Materials

December 7, 2022 

10:00am-12:00 noon

6 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD
(23rd Floor)

MD AAIWG Meeting Agenda 12.07.22 AAIWG Meeting Presentation – Dec. 07, 2022

Sept 14, 2022


Anne Arundel County Board of Elections

6740 Baymeadow Dr., Glen Burnie, MD

MD AAIWG Meeting Agenda 09.14.22 MD AAIWG APPRVD Meeting Minutes 09.14.22 AAIWG Meeting Presentation – Sept. 14, 2022

May 3, 2022

100 Community Place, Crownsville, MD

Side A/Hybrid via Google Meets

MD AAIWG Meeting Agenda 05.03.22 (1) MD AAIWG APPRVD Meeting Minutes 05.03.22 AAIWG Meeting Presentation – May 3, 2022

February 22, 2022

1:00 PM

100 Community Place, Crownsville, MD

Side A / Hybrid via Google Meets


MD AAIWG Meeting Agenda 02.22.22 MD AAIWG Meeting Minutes 02.22.22 Apprvd 05.03.22 AAIWG Meeting Presentation – February 22, 2022

Maryland Public Information Act Requests

The Maryland Public Information Act (Maryland Code Annotated, General Provisions Article, §§4-101 through 4-601) gives the public the right to review and obtain copies of public records.  A “public record” is defined as “the original or any copy of any documentary material that is made by a unit or an instrumentality of the State or of a political subdivision or received by the unit or instrumentality in connection with the transaction of public business.”  §4-101(j) of the General Provisions Art., Maryland Code Annotated.  The record may be in any form, including but not limited to:  a card, computerized record, correspondence, drawing, film or microfilm, form, map, photograph or photostat, recording, or tape.

The Attorney General of Maryland publishes the Maryland Public Information Act Manual that serves as a comprehensive resource for members of the press and public seeking access to information and for government officials seeking to meet their responsibilities under the Act. See Appendix E of the Manual for a copy of the law. 

Making a Request

To review or obtain public records received or maintained by the AAIWG, you must make a written request by:

Completing and submitting the AAIWG’s electronic form; or

Mailing a written request to the AAIWG, with the following information: 

    1. Name
    2. U.S. Street Address
    3. City, State, and ZIP
    4. Telephone Number
    5. Email Address
    6. Specific Records Requested

Submit the request to:

Attn:  Ed McDonough
AAIWG Public Information Act Representative
5401 Rue Saint Lo Drive
Reisterstown, MD 21136
(410) 517-3632