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You may contact the Active Assailant Interdisciplinary Work Group in any of the following ways:

Mailing Address:

5401 Rue Saint Lo Drive
Reisterstown, MD 21136

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Phone: (410) 281-2361

AAIWG Distribution & Website Submission Requests

This form is used to share information with the AAIWG distribution list and/or to request information be posted to the AAIWG website –

Maryland Public Information Act Requests

The Maryland Public Information Act (Maryland Code Annotated, General Provisions Article, §§4-101 through 4-601) gives the public the right to review and obtain copies of public records.  A “public record” is defined as “the original or any copy of any documentary material that is made by a unit or an instrumentality of the State or of a political subdivision or received by the unit or instrumentality in connection with the transaction of public business.”  §4-101(j) of the General Provisions Art., Maryland Code Annotated.  The record may be in any form, including but not limited to:  a card, computerized record, correspondence, drawing, film or microfilm, form, map, photograph or photostat, recording, or tape.

The Attorney General of Maryland publishes the Maryland Public Information Act Manual that serves as a comprehensive resource for members of the press and public seeking access to information and for government officials seeking to meet their responsibilities under the Act. See Appendix E of the Manual for a copy of the law. 

Making a Request

To review or obtain public records received or maintained by the AAIWG, you must make a written request by:

Completing and submitting the AAIWG’s electronic form; or

Mailing a written request to the AAIWG, with the following information: 

    1. Name
    2. U.S. Street Address
    3. City, State, and ZIP
    4. Telephone Number
    5. Email Address
    6. Specific Records Requested

Submit the request to:

Attn:  Ed McDonough
AAIWG Public Information Act Representative
5401 Rue Saint Lo Drive
Reisterstown, MD 21136
(410) 517-3632